Jamia PG Diploma in Disaster Management 2022 Entrance Test Paper

Jamia PG Diploma in Disaster Management 2022 Entrance Test Paper

A specialist curriculum called a Post Graduate Certificate in Disaster Management is designed to give students the information and abilities they need to manage emergencies and catastrophes successfully. The curriculum is created to give students the knowledge and abilities needed to work in the field of disaster management.

A variety of topics linked to disaster management are often covered in the curriculum, including disaster risk reduction, disaster preparedness, emergency response, disaster recovery, and rehabilitation. Also, students study the various legal systems and how they are used to catastrophe management.

As part of the curriculum, students must attend lectures, seminars, and workshops. Also, they must undertake research on various disaster management-related themes and submit their results to their professors and peers.

After completing the degree, students can pursue professions in a variety of disaster management-related sectors, including those in government agencies, NGOs, disaster response groups, and humanitarian organizations. Both organizations in the public and commercial sectors are hiring programme graduates.

Overall, a Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management is a great programme for students who want to learn everything there is to know about disaster management in order to work in the industry and want to have a thorough grasp of it.

Entrance Exam Details

Maximum Marks: 100

Total Questions: 100

Time: 90 minutes

Negative Marking: Yes, 0.25 marks deduction for every wrong answer.

Total Seats: 40

Course Fee: ₹15,100 per year.

Jamia P.G. Diploma in Disaster Management Entrance/Admission Test Paper, 2022:





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